One of my fav sdsu game 2 years ago / 1 notes
Anonymous asked
have you ever talked or dated a laos girl before?

yes i have.

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Igy Vaughn Plaaza Garage 2 years ago / 23 notes
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Mugen Exhaust, Mugen Visors. 2 years ago / 12 notes
Click the link and like the picture to help my cousin win a free shift knob! :D Thanks!! 2 years ago / 2 notes
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so my team won the basketball championship for the what
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will you talk to me?
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bored :/
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Another pic of my cousins Si. 2 years ago / 17 notes
My cousin Bruce’s Civic Si 2 years ago / 45 notes
Reblog if you’re single this Christmas.


Every Christmas.. *__*

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i wish santa can give me a s2k for christmas :(
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John Decano
Residing in the city of San Diego(619) so find me in the street with my car haha
april 19,1991 figure out my age =p
Photography& basketball is my thing
cars is my passion =)<3
Love is what i want
if you dont like me its all good cos haters are my insperation in life anyways <3
soo if u got a issue then use a fucken Tissue..that is all =D car crew new blog spot)

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